Fifteen square kilometers of pristine coastline, trees, scrub and granite, scattered with historical evidence of the island’s past. Welcome to the island of Caprera, the second largest of the archipelago of La Maddalena. It is part of the park of the same name and entirely protected.

Its natural wonders include its coves and beaches. Cala Caprarese and Cala Napoletana to the north. The famous Cala Coticcio and Cala Brigantina, on the western side of the island, both protected with special measures and accessible by land only accompanied by environmental guides. Heading south, still in the eastern part of the island, you can appreciate the clear waters of Cala Portese and continue on to the Spiaggia del Relitto (Shipwreck Beach), named after the wreck of a coal ship that ran aground there following a fire on board.

The strategic position of the island led to the construction of many military structures from the second half of the 18th century. In particular, those built as a result of aviation, designed for camouflage to protect against air raids, have extremely interesting typological features, whether they use granite to blend in with the rocks or look like rural dwellings.

The other main reason why the island of Caprera is so famous is that Giuseppe Garibaldi, the hero of two worlds, decided to live there for 27 years. He bought the northern part of the island in 1855, and subsequently built up the “Casa Bianca”, where he resided – it is now part of the Compendio Garibaldino, one of the most visited museums in Italy.