Beaches and granites

From the village of Stagnali up to Punta Galera, the Western Ridge allows you to travel along the western part of the island of Caprera, characterized by lower coasts and a greater number of trees, mostly pine forests.

This is an out-and-back trail, although it is possible, for those who wish to do so, to reconnect with the Eastern Ridge by following the trail called ‘From Cala Napoletana to Candeo’ in this guidebook, so as to follow a loop trail.

The trail partly follows paths, identified by local signs with the numbers 3, 6, 8, 11 and 16, which are well signposted, but in any case we recommend using the GPX track that can be downloaded from this page.

The trail starts in the village of Stagnali, easily accessible both by car and with public transport. If you drive, you can conveniently park your car on site.

Take path no. 1, easily visible on the right of the paved road if you’re headed towards Stagnali, and walk along the coast. At a small stream, continue along the dirt road on the left, parallel to the road. From there, keep following the signs for path no. 1, until you come to a picnic area in the shade of a pine forest. Here, take the dirt road to the left that leads through the Mediterranean scrub to the asphalt road where path no. 1 ends, near Ponte Moneta.

A few dozen metres eastwards on the tarmac road, take the fork to the left that leads to the Compendio Garibaldino. Before the Compendio Garibaldino, after about 500 metres, take a clearly visible path to the left, which soon afterwards intersects with a dirt road, path no. 16, which leads to Cala Garibaldi in a few minutes.

From Cala Garibaldi head north again along coastal path no. 16 to Cala Serena. From Cala Serena the trail goes uphill to the east until it crosses a wider path. Here turn left, towards the north, following from now on the indications for path no. 15.

The trail continues with stretches of Mediterranean scrub and pine forests, up to the fork for the beautiful Cala Caprarese, which you should definitely see, making a small detour.

Back at the fork, head towards the north, following the variant of path no. 15 for a few minutes, which takes you to admire the crystal clear water and the granites of Cala Napoletana.

From the beach go up the trail, heading east, until the first fork where you take the left. Following the signs you get to the northwest end of the island, Punta Galera.

The trail

  • Start: Stagnali
  • End: Punta Galera
  • Distance: 9,20 km
  • Duration: 2 h 50’ one way
  • Elevation gain: 48 m
  • Type out-and-back trail
  • Difficulty:Moderate
  • Access: by car or with public transport
  • Directions: indications for paths no. 1, 15 and 16