The northern connection between the two ridges

The trail connects Cala Napoletana and the battery of Candeo and can also be used as a link between the Western Ridge and the Eastern Ridge to create a loop trail that crosses most of the island.

The trail partly follows paths, identified by local signs with the numbers 12 and 14, which are well signposted, but in any case we recommend using the GPX track that can be downloaded from this page.

The trail starts near the battery of Candeo, just at the end of the Eastern Ridge but can also be reached from the parking lot of Forte Arbuticci, following path no. 11.

Head north-west on path no. 12, through low scrub, with several ups and downs, until you come to the junction with path no. 14, near the ruins of a military lookout, which you follow until you reach Cala Crucitta.

From Cala Crucitta, along path no. 14 heading west, go through a stretch of rocky coastline to reach the junction for Cala Napoletana, thus joining the Western Ridge.

The trail

  • Start: near Candeo
  • End: fork for Cala Napoletana
  • Distance: 2,3 km
  • Duration: 40'
  • Elevation gain: 54 m
  • Type out-and-back trail
  • Difficulty:moderate
  • Access: from the two ridges
  • Directions: paths no. 12 and 14

Points of interest